Quinte Children's Treatment Centre Communication Checkup

Getting Started

This Preschool Speech-Language questionnaire is a tool developed for parents concerned about their child's language. Based on the information you provide on this form, a referral to Quinte Children's Treatment Centre (Quinte CTC) may be recommended. If a referral is recommended, it will take you approximately 10-20 minutes to complete the form.

If a referral is recommended, here's what you can expect:
  • You will be prompted to complete an online referral form
  • You will receive a confirmation email
  • Your child will be placed on our waiting list. The wait time for service is approximately 6-12 months.

Once your child moves off the waiting list, you will receive an email, inviting you to book an initial telephone appointment with one of our team members.

If a referral is recommended and you have a formal custody agreement in place, you will need to upload a copy of the custody agreement to continue.
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